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Experiment with Light
From Friday 06 September 2024 -  06:00pm
To Sunday 08 September 2024 - 01:00pm
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Experiment with Light is thought to be the rediscovery of the foundational practice of early Quakers.

Exploring the journals and letters of Fox himself and other early Friends, Rex Ambler, a Quaker theologian, pieced together four distinct steps of a guided meditation. His drive to do this was to see if it was possible to resolve a difficult personal issue, using early Friends’ practice.

This proved to be a revelation, and a solution to his troubles and he began to share the method and his personal experience with other British Quakers. For the last nearly 30 years it has been an inspiration to many Friends around the world.

Join us for a weekend exploring ways for centring and stilling the mind and learning or revisiting this simple practice.

Once learnt, it can be a resource to bring clarity and insight, even within a few moments.

In these days of change and uncertainty it can prove a support, both as an individual practice and often more so when practised in a group.

Information will be given about setting up a Light Group. There are tried and tested ways to provide a safe and confidential space, where participants can grow in trust; where we may truly know one another in the things that are

The weekend begins with dinner Friday at 6pm and ends with lunch and clean up on Sunday.

Facilitators: Ann Banks, Val Bone, Esther Bukholt

Brochure can be found here.


Location Quaker Settlement, 76 Virginia Road, Whanganui