Make a donation

The Quaker Settlement relies on a large number of people who choose to help in a number of ways.

Our residents contribute on a weekly basis though service in both the care of the land and the maintenance of the seminar facilities.

We are blessed to have Friends who come and assist on work weekends and at other times during the year. All contributions are appreciated. In addition we want there to be opportunities for financial contributions, especially in light of the impact Covid 19 has had on the Settlement’s finances.

General or regular donations

Donations can be one off or regular, they can also be targeted to a specific activity. You may want to give towards the purchase of trees to our Project Canopy or contribute to the general budget. Your help can allow the Settlement to respond to the unexpected and unbudgeted – for example when the ride on mower needs fixing or a hot cylinder needs replacing.

Our bank account for donations is: 03 0791 0490180 00 To become a monthly donor, you will need to set up an automatic payment with your bank.


Please email if you would like to remember The Quaker Settlement in your will.