The Process – Get to Know Us First Community life requires a degree of selflessness and a ready willingness to contribute in diverse ways to the aims and functions of Community.

The key aspirations of this community are:

a) To maintain and continue to develop the Settlement as an education centre at the service of all Aotearoa New Zealand Quakers, and b) To offer a place of spiritual renewal, retreat and peace to Quakers and visitors, and c) To be an example of seeking sustainability in our environment.

Life in the Quaker Settlement can be rich and nourishing and also complicated and demanding. It is not for everyone. We are a community of 17 households and both Quakers and non-Quakers live here from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. Every adult living in the Settlement is expected to attend the weekly Management Meeting for two hours each Monday night, be on Clerking duties approximately once every six weeks, participate regularly in our weekly shared meals and working bees.

We encourage people to think what time they have available, what physical ability they have and what realistic contribution they would bring to our community and community service (often land based work) of a few hours every week is expected to contribute to the running of the Settlement as well as the working bees.

All the work contribution is voluntary.

Anyone interested in applying to live at the Settlement is encouraged first to become familiar with the Settlement, the life here and the responsibilities undertaken by the members of the Community.You can have a look on our website and read the blog.

The Quaker values are Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality and Sustainability.

You need to get to know us because we decide as a Management Group who lives here. You could do this in a number of ways

a) Spend time with us at Work Weekends, shared meals (ask to be on the mailing list for times) or coffee morning on Tuesdays at 10.30am.

b) If you are from out of town come for an extended stay and talk to us about the Settlement (by arrangement)

c) Attend one of the Quaker Seminars

Once you have spent time with us and clarified what you can bring to the Settlement and what you hope to receive you then apply in writing to the Secretary of the Management Meeting to be considered for tenancy.

Your letter needs to

1. State your reasons for wanting to live at the Settlement

2. Your connection with the Quakers, your commitment to the Society of Friends if you are a Quaker, and/or why you want to join a specifically Quaker Settlement

3. Make sure you define your housing needs and timings

4. Tell us who you are and what qualities, skills, time and energy availability and experience you specifically offer our Community.

You can post it to us at 76 Virginia Road, Otamatea, Whanganui or email us at

Once you have done this Management Meeting considers the application and may ask clarifying questions. If no suitable accommodation is available we will let you know. Management Meeting will notify you of the outcome of the meeting. The process can take time and patience. If you have more questions we welcome enquiries through our contact page

There are also temporary accommodation options available. You can follow the process above at any time and request to be wait-listed. We recommend you to do this as the process to come live at the Settlement can take several months to complete.

Here is a video on the community. - intentional community