Charges & Fees

Led by concerns about the growing economic injustices in our world and the desire to contribute to efforts tackle the social, economic and climate issues facing society the Settlement has decided to change how we structure our charges in the hope that we can not only contribute to efforts in the issues described but also offer sanctuary and a quiet space for others.

We are building on two traditions as we experiment with Pay As Led – reflections and discussions from our wider global Quaker community, along with our Aotearoa New Zealand koha practice and experience.

As we know, koha means gift, offering, donation, contribution, especially one that maintains social relationships and expressions of reciprocity. On a practical level, koha is a contribution towards the costs of an event, but on a deeper, and more personal level, koha can symbolise an expression of deep gratitude and affection. The koha reflects the mana of both the giver and the recipient, reflecting what the giver is able to give, and the esteem they hold of the person or group they are making the gift to - and hence plays an important part in cementing good relations.

By linking these two disparate yet similar traditions, we can provide a firm foundation for Koha - Pay As Led. We ask that you prayerfully consider your financial resources and the value you believe your time at the Settlement brings to your life and to Friends. Based on this personal reflection, we invite you to pay as you are led, and to make any koha that feels appropriate to you.

To assist your reflection and choice of payment, we offer the following:

Traditional: this amount covers our costs plus an extra contribution that helps equalise the cost for everyone and enabling greater participation. Usually appropriate for corporates, organisations, and businesses.

Covering Costs: this amount covers our costs for this space

Limited Resources: for those with limited financial resources who want to pay a set price (includes self-cleaning)

Choose Your Price: if you would like to contribute/ koha more or need to koha less you can choose your own price

Community buildings

Fee ScaleTraditionalCovering CostsLimited ResourcesChoose Your Price
Morning, Afternoon or evening$110$70$40$0 – $110+
Two sessions$150$105$55$0 – $150+
Full day$195$130$70$0 – $195+
QUIET ROOM (includes lobby and kitchenette)
Morning, afternoon or evening$130$80$45$0 – $130+
Two sessions$190$125$65$0 – $190+
Full day$220$145$75$0 – $220+
WHOLE COMPLEX full day$385$235$130$0 – $385+
Morning and afternoon teas (our crockery, your supplies)N/CN/CN/CN/C
Preparing meals, incl. use of crockery$45 per meal,  $65 per day max


Fee ScaleTraditionalCovering CostsLimited ResourcesChoose Your Price
SLEEPINGHOUSE Mattresses and pillow only provided – daily rates
Adult$40$20$15$0 – $40+
Child$20$10$0 – $20+
UNIT All linen and towels provided
Per person (one person/room)$70$40$20$0 – $70+
Per person (twin share)$55$40$20$0 – $55+
Child$25$15$10$0 – $25+
CAMPING (includes use of ablutions and kitchen) per person/ per night
Caravan$20$10$0 – $20+
Tent$15$5$0 – $15+